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Vocal cords, Larynx
Vocal nodules, Larynx

Looking after your voice

Your voice is your identity. Any change in voice can lead to anxiety and affect your social life. A simple change in voice can also be a sign of laryngeal cancer. We provide state of the art diagnosis of all voice, swallowing and throat related problems. At our centre we have the latest laser technology and endoscopes to diagnose and treat all throat and airway related problems. We perform surgeries that can improve voice and swallowing. We offer solutions for various conditions including vocal cord palsy, spasmodic dysphonia, sub-glottic and tracheal stenosis, benign and malignant laryngeal lesions, and  airway foreign bodies. We are also the only centre in the region doing extensive work on paediatric airway, voice and swallowing disorders. Our work on Laryngomalacia has helped many children and families lead a normal life..

Common ailments:

  • Throat pain

  • Change in voice

  • Difficulty in breathing 

  • Laboured breathing in new borns and children

  • Thyroid enlargement

Our facilities:

  • Rigid and flexible laryngoscopy

  • Transoral laser surgery

  • Microlaryngeal surgery

  • Thyroplasty

  • Phonosurgery

  • Fat augmentation of vocal cords

  • Thyroidectomy

  • Swallowing evaluation and management

  • Botox Injections

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