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Advaced Operation Theatre


Advanced Operative Care

Our Operation Theatre (OT) is an ultra-modern state of the art theatre fully equipped with the best machines and designed according to international standards. Right from computer assisted Autoclaving - ensuring clean and sterile instruments every time for every patient - to microchip regulating cautery system that ensures the patient gets the best results with minimal tissue damage, ​our OT is ready for even the most challenging and advanced surgeries. Our automatic anaesthesia machine ensures seamless gas delivery and patient comfort. From patient positioning to post-op monitoring, we make sure that our patients receive the best care.

Our OT Features

  • Automatic Autoclaving System

  • GE anaesthesia machine

  • Karl Storz Rigid Endoscopy System - Image1 SPIES

  • Microchip controlled Cautery 

  • Fully automatic OT Table for optimal patient positioning and comfort

  • Streamlined OT Flow

  • Fast and noise-dampened suction machines

  • Antibacterial and antistatic flooring

  • Coblator, Microdebrider, German motor Otology Drill

  • Leica 4K Microscope

  • Karl Storz Endoscopes and Telescopes

  • Optical Forceps for Rigid Bronchoscopy

  • Flexible and therapeutic Bronchoscopy

  • Oesophagoscopy System for foreign body removal

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