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Dental Tools in Pocket
Ear Exam
Comprehensive Eye Examinations
General ENT

We offer comprehensive testing and solutions for all ENT problems. Our focus is aimed at ensuring a better lifestyle for our patients.In addition to treating  the ears, nose and throat. General ENT deals with the medical and surgical treatment of a wide variety of head and neck disorders, including infection, inflammation and lesions in the head and neck. 

Speciality Clinics

We are dedicated to providing focused and specific treatment for all patient complains. Keeping that in mind we have created special clinics to cater to each and every system.

Endoscopes, Microscopes and Lasers

Equipped with international Lasers, Microscopes and Endoscopes, we provide cutting edge standard of care for all our patients. Our aim is to provide the best treatment options under one roof.

For appointment, call us at - 7417499433, 0581-2426079

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